Busted Condom

Game Type: Card - B


  • Deck of cards
  • Dice (one for each player)
  • Plenty to drink


Busted Condom… The game of sex, lies, and STDs.

STD Cards:

  • Ace- if you receive one of these cards, you have AIDS
  • King- this card gives you the Clap.
  • Queen- this card is Chlamydia.
  • Immunity Cards. All 4 Jacks are Condom Cards.

The purpose of the game is to be the first player to run out of cards and be STD free. The entire deck of cards is dealt to the players, and once they are dealt the players can look at their cards. This is the ONLY time they can be looked at however, certain cards can be positioned to be in a certain place (eg. your Jacks, or condom cards, can be placed at the bottom of your deck for protection from a disease). If you have double (or triple) Kings, Aces, or Queens, you place them down in front of your playing area. This means you are infected with the disease mentioned above.

There are two parts to the actual playing of the game. The part with the deck of cards is like you are at a party checking people out, and the part with the dice is where you sleep with people. The first part involves the cards in your hand… each player flips over a card into the middle. If there are any matches (ie. two players lay down an 8) then those people drink for the value of the card. Those matched cards are then disposed of, and the players that drank lay down another card. If they match again, they have to drink.

The second part now begins, and everyone rolls his or her dice. If any two drink the number on the dice. The two that are having sex then roll again, and the person who has the higher number is the winner. He or she can then give an STD that is in front of the playing area. The loser also takes the cards that are in the middle.

The object of the game is to get rid of all of your cards and be STD free. If you run out of your cards but have an STD, you have to drink each round until you can get rid of your STD. If you end up getting all 4 of one of the STD cards, you die. The diseased person then becomes the bitch for the other players in the game, and they have to replenish beer/get water or whatever. The game ends when one person is dead and one person is STD free. How to use the Condom Card: This is the only tricky part in the game, but once you get used to it the use of the card makes sense. There are two ways that you can pick up a Jack. The first is by having it in your hand when you start, and the second is by winning the dice part of the game with someone (your dice is higher than the other persons). If you win and you have a single STD in front of you, you may place the Condom over your STD. This card gives you immunity to drinking when double cards occur, and if you are a person who is waiting to go out of cards (you don’t have to drink each round when you run out of cards). How to bust a condom: Say for example I have two Kings in front of me (meaning that I have the Clap) and I have sex with another player who has a condom card on top of one of the other Kings. If I win the dice part of the game, I can pass one of my Kings to the other person, and his or her condom card goes into the middle of the game. If I had a queen in addition to my Kings, upon busting the other player’s condom I could place it upon my Queen… You can’t put a condom on 2 or more STD cards. If this happens, the card goes back to the middle. Optional (BUT FUNNY) addition: Each time you have sex you have to make a moan of some sort. After a while of playing this becomes highly entertaining.


Adam, Chrissy, Amber, and Becky