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The Big Lebowski
A few friends, Lots of alcohol, The Big Lebowski movie
The Clue Drinking Game
Beverage of choice, Copy of the movie " Clue ", Group of people
The Footie Drinking Game (Soccer For Americans)
As many players as possible, Your choice of drink
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Drinks (Beer is suggested), Movie of "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly"
The History Channel Rules Of War Drinking Game
The Hockey Drinking Game
A Hockey game on TV, lots of ants
The Importance Of Being Earnest
Copy of " The Importance of being Ernest ", Shots of hard liquor
The Magnum Drinking Game
A six pack of your favorite beer, Episode of "Magnum PI"
The Original Star Trek
Drinks, Episode of " Star Trek "
The Osbournes
12 pack per person, Episode of " The Osbournes "
The Pulp Fiction Game
Bucket (you will use this!), Bunch of friends, Copy of the movie "Pulp Fiction", Favorite liquor
The Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion Game
Beer (if you want to stumble home), Copy of the said Title Movie, Diet Coke with cherries (if you’re a wussy), Rum (if you want to go to the morgue)
The Shaft Drinking Game
Beer, Buddies, The movie " Shaft "
The Sifl & Olly Drinking Game!
Copy of Sifl & Olly Episodes (first season works best), Double and single shot glasses., Large quantities of beer or other "soft" booze., Large quantities of Whiskey or other "hard" booze., People to play with!
The Wogboy
Beer, Copy of the Aussie movie "The Wogboy", People
Tombstone: The Movie
Favorite shots for drinking, Tombstone movie
Top Gun
Beer, The Movie 'Top Gun'
Trainspotting Drinking Game
Copy of the movie "Trainspotting", Friends, Large amount of alcohol
TV Characters
A TV show with as many characters as players, Beer, People