Trainspotting Drinking Game

Game Type: Television-movie - T


  • Copy of the movie "Trainspotting"
  • Friends
  • Large amount of alcohol


Make sure you have a group of friends with at least one person who's seen the movie all the way thru. (the Scottish accent can get hairy after a few beers) Also, have a fairly large amount of your drink of choice when playing since a lot of things in the 'one drink' category happen numerous times. *DO NOT* shoot straight shots for this. You'll be too out of it to play after 30 minutes if you disregard this warning. :)

Take one drink when:

  • Anyone is called by their first name (Tommy excluded)
  • Renton says ‘fuck’ (or any variant, such as fucking, fucked, etc)
  • Sick Boy (Simon) makes reference to Sean Connery/James Bond/et all
  • Begbie (Francis) becomes violent
  • Anyone shoots up (Tommy excluded)
  • Any Scottish slang is used (Arse, shite, wanker, cunt, etc)
  • Anyone gives up heroin
  • Any reference to theft is made
  • Any act of theft takes place
  • Anytime Renton makes reference to the differences between being on heroin/off heroin
  • Any reference is made to David Bowie, Iggy Pop, or Lou Reed
  • Anytime something really nasty happens on-screen (subject to group vote)
  • Anytime Begbie smokes

Take two drinks when:

  • Anytime anyone uses a drug (other than cigarettes) other than heroin (speed, marijuana, etc)
  • Anyone else makes reference to Sean Connery/James Bond/et all

Empty glass when:

  • Anyone else makes reference to Sean Connery/James Bond/et all with Sick Boy involved
  • Begbie becomes violent and has an actual reason
  • Anytime the English are made fun of from a Scottish standpoint