The History Channel Rules Of War Drinking Game

Game Type: Television-movie - T


  • Beer


  • Drink the entire time an American flag appears.
  • Drink anytime there is a “fade-out”.
  • Anytime someone is shown with an uni-brow – take a drink a say uni-brow.
  • Drink anytime a new person is being interviewed – two drinks.
  • Anytime the person being interviewed has a portrait of the person they are talking about behind them – take three drinks.
  • Drink anytime an American armed forced rank is heard.
  • Anytime a parade scene is shown – three drinks.
  • Anytime a man is smoking a pipe.
  • Anytime a still photograph is shown.
  • Anytime a soldier is be reunited – two drinks.
  • Drink anytime a mushroom cloud appears – down a beer.
  • Anytime a treaty is being signed.
  • If a Japanese man is wearing a top hat during the signing of a treaty everyone must chug two beers.
  • Anytime a dead body (this includes caskets) is shown, everyone must pour into a community glass that will be drank at the next commercial break by the loser of tournament of rock/paper/scissors.


Nathan Logue and Sarah Francis