The Sifl & Olly Drinking Game!

Game Type: Television-movie - T


  • Copy of Sifl & Olly Episodes (first season works best)
  • Double and single shot glasses.
  • Large quantities of beer or other "soft" booze.
  • Large quantities of Whiskey or other "hard" booze.
  • People to play with!


The Setup...

Each person must choose a "minor" reocurring character such as:

  • Sifl's Mom
  • Eddie from Jersey
  • The Extreme Cooking Chef
  • The "shaving" guy
  • Sifl & Olly's Landlord

If you run out of "minor" characters, then pick segments/events like:

  • "The News"
  • When Silf says "You've got a seroious-ass (whatever) problem!"

How to play:

Take ONE shot of "SOFT" booze:

  • Each "calls from the public".
  • Each "interview".
  • Each "rock facts!" (N/A to second season)

Take a DOUBLE shot of "SOFT" booze:

  • Each time "Peto and Flek" is shown.
  • Each time "Show Waiting" is used.
  • Each time anyone says "Cresent Fresh".

Take ONE shot of "HARD" booze:

  • Anytime your choosen character (or event/segment) is on screen.
  • Everytime S&O use their satellite dish.
  • Whenever a talking plant is shown.

Take a DOUBLE shot of "HARD" booze:

  • Whenever Olly wears clothing of anykind. (Excluding the "S&O News")
  • Whenever the Military is mentioned.


  • Your choosen character says "Cresent Fresh" or "Cresent Fresh" is said during your event/segment.

You win when/if:

  • Flek makes sense.
  • Chester looks sexy.
  • You don't pass out before the tape(s) ends.

PS: All disputes should be decided by a majority vote. GOOD LUCK! :)


Steven Hunte