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Beer, Copy of the movie "Scarface"
Scooby Doo
Drinks, Episode of Scooby Doo
Sex And The City
Beer or mixed drinks or shots., Episode of "Sex and the City"
Sloppy Sopranos
Beer or drink of choice, Episode of The Sopranos, Friends who like to watch The Sopranos
Beer, Episodes of " MASH " the television show, People
A few friends or by yourself!, A tv and vcr, Either a "Smurf" video or the program on regular tv, LOTS of whatever particular consumable you choose.
Beer, Desire to get wasted, The movie "Snatch"
Space Balls
Drinks, The movie "Space Balls"
Star Wars, the full version
Copy of the movie " Star Wars ", lots of ants, People
Strange Brew
A LOT of beer, Copy of the movie " Strange Brew "
Super Bowl / Super Drunk
Alcohol, T.V. (cable helps, satellite preferred)