The Hockey Drinking Game

Game Type: Television-movie - T


  • A Hockey game on TV
  • lots of ants


Get a bunch of your friends together and turn on ESPN 2, most nights during the week they'll be airing a hockey game. Make sure everyone's got a beer, and here's what you do.

You have to FINISH your drink when:

  • a goal is scored
  • the period ends
  • there's a fight in which 3 or more players lose a piece of equipment
  • a piece of glass gets shattered You only have to take a drink for these next rules, but there's a lot of them so do be ready. Yell out the "name" of the rule, if there is one (my friends and I all have our own rule) and drink for as long as you like.
  • the matt-ass rule; when you get a big shot of the goalies ass from the goal-cam
  • the jim rule; whenever an official gets hit and hopefully knocked over
  • the tara rule; whenever you see blood
  • the alyssa rule; whenever they interview a player with a thick canadien accent, and he says either "abooot," or "eh."
  • for any whistle, penalty, or stoppage of play (icing, offsides, etc)
  • any nice play, deek, save, or check
  • for every beer comercial aired during a stoppage of play

As always, extra-curricular activities are encouraged, so feel free to drink as often as you like. Try to have plenty of brews on hand, as you never know when you'll be watching a high-scoring game. Enjoy!


Matt Tynan