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Bam Bam
lots of ants, Playing Cards - 5's thru 10's, four A's, four 2's, and Two Jokers, Shot glasses - One for every player, Two Dice
Bar Golf
4 players, Golf score card
Battle Of The Sexes
Computer with an internet connection, Drinks, Players of the opposite sexes
Bear In - Bear Out
Beer (lager) as much as available, Glasses for each person, Matches laying under the table, Tables and chairs, Vodka (a little less than beer)
Beer Bungee
20 feet of bungee cord (or proportional to room size), Beer, Willing participants
Beer Pot
A big pot or pitcher, Beer, People
Beer Race
Beer, People
Boat Race
Beer, People
Brian Boitano
Copy of "What Would Brian Boitano Do" off the South Park CD, Lots of people (the more the better), Lots of your favorite beer
Buzz And Zap
A group of people, Lots of shots of whatever you choose