Buzz And Zap

Game Type: Misc - B


  • A group of people
  • Lots of shots of whatever you choose


Sit in a circle around a table, everyone has a shot glass, everyone pours a shot. You start counting...each person counts... all multiples of five say buzz and take a shot. All multiples of 7 say zap and take a shot. Go in a circle. Also anything with a 5 or 7 in it takes a drink, if it has both a 5 and 7 you take two shots. Its basically a dumb easy way to get wasted and the game goes on until nobody can count any higher. Example: 1 2 3 4 buzz (take a drink) 6 zap (take a shot) 8 9 buzz 11 12 13 zap buzz 16 zap 18 19 buzz.........