Bam Bam

Game Type: Misc - B


  • lots of ants
  • Playing Cards - 5's thru 10's, four A's, four 2's, and Two Jokers
  • Shot glasses - One for every player
  • Two Dice


Scatter the cards on a table. Each person has a shotglass of beer for themselves.

Roll the Dice:

  • If a player rolls a 7,11 or doubles they pick a card out of the pile
  • If a player rolls anything other than a 7,11 or doubles they: (Version 1)- then drink the amount that appears on both dice or (Version 2, rookie version) they drink the value that appears on the lower die.

When a player picks a card:

  • If a player picks a number card (5-10) they must roll both dice and try to beat the value on the card -
  • If they beat the value they pass that number of drinks out -If they fail to beat the value on the card they must drink that number of drinks.


Sam Travaglini