Beer Bungee

Game Type: Misc - B


  • 20 feet of bungee cord (or proportional to room size)
  • Beer
  • Willing participants


Attach the rope onto a wall facing a bar or table. Make the gap between the bar and the wall about 20-30 feet. But make sure that the bungee rope is only 20 feet long, but when stretched, reaches 30 feet or thereabouts.

Then place a beer onto the bar, tie someone to the other end of the rope and watch as they try to stretch their way to a beer.

Try and make it so that some of them can reach it, they will grab it and the bungee rope will then drag them back to the wall with the beer all over them.

The game itself doesn't get you drunk, but watching others do it whilst drinking heavily does - then try doing it yourself!!