Battle Of The Sexes

Game Type: Misc - B


  • Computer with an internet connection
  • Drinks
  • Players of the opposite sexes


Direct browser to a "hot or not" site offering pictures of both sexes. Gals "bat" first, rate the first guy that comes up. If their rating is within 1.0 points of the average score, guys all must drink. If not within 1.0 points, gals must drink. Guys go next, rate first gal that comes up, and so on.
Any math errors result in that player finishing his/her drink. C'mon people we're talking about adding or subtracting one here!
Only one member of the "at bat" team rates each pic and is subject to drinking if not within 1.0 points, while entire opposing team must drink if rating is within 1.0 points.
One member of the "at bat" team rates the pic and may bet any number of drinks (after seeing the pic) that answer is within 1.0 points. If wrong, that player drinks specified number of drinks. If right, that player may allocate drinks among opposing players.
Team "at bat" may attempt to guess the exact rating. If correct, opposing team finishes drinks. If incorrect, raters must drink one drink for every 0.1 points their guess was off.