Bacardi Legacy Competition

The Bacardi Legacy Competition, which took place in Germany last month, named Ran Van Ongevalle from Belgium as the winner. 38 talented bartenders from around the world competed, including Ryan Wainwright from Los Angeles and Darnell Holguin from New York.

Atsushi Semimoto - Santoku NYC

It is a known fact that Japanese artisans are skilled and meticulous, and that mindset also extends to bartending. Japanese bartenders are recognized for their dedication to the craft and the precise work they put into each cocktail. We sat down with Atsushi Semimoto, president of, whose company specializes in introducing Japanese skills and products to the world.

This Craft Nation Travels Coast to Coast in Search of Beer Truth

Next month Fred Bueltmann and Kyle Bice will be taking to the Amtrak rails to discover beer in the ultimate coast-to-coast spring break.

Theresa Evans - Beverage Director

Earlier this Fall, New York Yankees Steakhouse in Manhattan announced a new executive chef to lead their culinary operations. In addition to the new menu, their team also released new cocktails saluting the local team including The All-American, Triple A, Bronx Bomber and more.

Stephen Wilson - Crown Royal National Brand Ambassador

Earlier this Fall, Crown Royal introduced Crown Royal Vanilla at the London Hotel in New York City along with the face of the new Crown Royal Vanilla commercials, comedian, actor and director JB Smoove. The event was hosted by Stephen Wilson, the Crown Royal National Brand Ambassador who has worked with Diageo whiskies for the last ten years.

Schuyler Hunton - Mixologist

Earlier this summer, Boston mixologist Schuyler Hunton of Tiger Mama took home the North American Title for the United States Bartenders Guild's 10 th Annual Most Imaginative Bartender Competition presented by Bombay Sapphire. Schuyler's winning cocktail, the Breakfast in Bombay, won the best cocktail recipe as well as People's Choice Award. Schuyler will be featured on a special edition cover of GQ's December 'Men of the Year' issue with his winning recipe.

Marco Cedano - Founder and Master Distiller

Sara had the opportunity to speak with Marco Cedano, a Tequila veteran who currently serves as the Founder and Master Distiller for Tequila Tromba. With nearly 40 years of experience working in Tequila, Marco is an industry luminary who has seen first-hand the progression of the spirit over the last few decades.

Richard Woods - Head of Spirit and Cocktail Development

Sara had the opportunity to attend the preview of the new summer cocktail program at SUSHISAMBA in Manhattan's West Village. All cocktails were prepared by Head of Spirit & Cocktail Development Richard Woods, who Sara later interviewed for BarNoneDrinks. Read on for more about the Englishman.

Shawn Ford - Bartender

Sara had the opportunity to chat with Shawn Ford, who currently works in the Dominican Republic when he’s not consulting with Jon Taffer on Bar Rescue. An incredibly gracious man, Shawn has had what he calls a blur of a year that doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Read on to hear about how Shawn has worked his way through the industry and what Jon Taffert is really like.

George Megalokonomos - Bartender

Sara speaks with George Megalokonomos, a bartender from Greece who is currently working at Noel Bar in the center of Athens. George was just named a finalist for the Bacardi Legacy competition in Greece.

Manuel Terron - Global Brand Ambassador for Midori

Sara spoke with Manuel Terron, the Global Brand Ambassador for Midori. Manuel was at Tales of the Cocktail showcasing Midori with fresh juices at the Midori Farmer's Market at the Royal Sonesta Hotel. Manuel is a leading bartender from Australia and has worked in the industry for over 25 years. He has worked all over the world, educating fellow bartenders and is also the Group Bars Manager for The Keystone Group in Australia.

Ted Kilgore - Co-Oowner and Head Mixologist

Sara spoke with Ted Kilgore, co-owner and head mixologist at Planter's House in St. Louis. Ted is a big fan of DIY cocktails and encourages consumers to enjoy cocktails at home.

Neil Morris - Global Ambassador

As rum is on the rise (just in time for summer), Sara had a chance to speak with Neil Morris, the Global Ambassador for Authentic Caribbean Rums (ACR). The ACR was created to be a symbol of authentic, quality for rum made in the Caribbean.

Spencer Elliott - Head Bartender

Bounce Sporting Club, located in the Flatiron District of NYC, has recently implemented a new cocktail program under the direction of head bartender Spencer Elliott, formerly of Vero Restaurant and Wine Bar. Spencer's cocktails are inspired by athletes and include signature drinks with a special twist such as The Sammy Sosa Swizzle and The Ricky Bobby, in addition to classics like Negronis and Moscow Mules. Read on to find out about Spencer's team pride and his work at a very fun space.

Lazy Point

Sara recently spoke with Jeremy Strawn (head mixologist) and Charles Hardwick (head bartender) of Lazy Point, a Montauk-inspired bar in Manhattan. Lazy Point officially opened in late March, and highlights coastal cocktails in a beachy bar (in the middle of New York City). Read on to learn more about the special duo, their unique bar and how the Montauk lifestyle inspires them.

Christina Sudderth - Sales and Purchasing Manager - Tales of the Cocktail

With Tales of the Cocktail (TOTC) just a few short months away, Sara spoke with Christina Sudderth from the TOTC team about the upcoming festival and her role in it.

Jackie Summers - Founder, Blender

While everyone has a great story, few in the industry have one so inspirational as that of Jackie Summers, aka Jack from Brooklyn. As founder of Jack from Brooklyn Inc and the creator of Sorel Liqueur, Jack has an interesting story that is worth telling. Read on to find out about this  interesting character who has cheated death and believes in positivity.

Marshall Altier - Consultant, Author, Founder

Sara from BarNoneDrinks took the opportunity to interview the very busy Marshall Altier following his visit to New York to launch the Airstream Speakeasy. These days, Marshall is leading up two spirit brands, consulting on spirit portfolios, writing, and managing a special project he fondly calls Road Soda. Read on to find out about how Marshall fills his days and his unprecedented favorite drink for Sin City.

Melanie Asher - CEO, Founder, Master Distiller and Blender at Macchu Pisco

Sara speaks to Melanie Asher, the CEO, Founder, Master Distiller and Blender at Macchu Pisco, a company that produces super premium Piscos and is at the forefront of the world of Pisco.

Jenn Corrao - Marketing Freelancer

Sara sat down with her friend Jenn Corrao, an events and marketing freelancer and self-proclaimed lush.  Sara met Jenn while working in the industry, and the two hit it off. Not only has Jenn dabbled in many
different aspects of the booze world, she also really loves her cocktails and the friends she has made over the last 15 years in hospitality.

Igor Zukowiec - Freelance Mixologist

Igor Zukoweic is a freelance mixologist who opened up a mixology consulting and cocktail catering service called over a year ago.  While there, he creates out-of-the-box experiences at events nationwide, as well as designs cocktail menus for bars and restaurants.

Charlie Whitfield - Brand Ambassador

Sara had a chance to catch up with Charlie Whitfield, The Macallan Brand Ambassador for North East America, over a drink at Lantern's Keep at The Iroquois Hotel in New York City. Over a delicious cocktail by Theo Lieberman, the two shared a laugh while Charlie regaled Sara with stories of his lifetime with the renowned Scotch Whisky.

Todd Richman - Mixologist

Todd Richman's reputation certainly precedes him. He joined Sidney Frank Importing Co. Inc., as their Corporate Mixologist in February, representing their cornucopia of brands.  He develops cocktail recipes, trains, educates staff, trade and consumers and serves as an Ambassador for the brands.

Stephen Myers - Fixer

Sara chatted with Stephen Myers, the aptly-titled 'Fixer' over at Ilegal Mezcal. With a bright personality, warm smile and colorful history, Steve's story is one to be savored, just like his Mezcal.

Todd Appel - Barman

Hands down, one of the nicest of the guys in the industry is Todd Appel out of Chicago. And one with a colorful history to boot.   With a B.A. in European Diplomatic History from the University of Minnesota, an M.B.A. in International Business from the University of South Carolina and a language concentration in Portuguese, behind the bar might be the last place his classmates would expect to find him.

Tom Nichol - Master Distiller

Sara Gorelick had the chance to catch up with Tom Nichol at the Tanqueray Lounge at the Andaz Hotel in New York during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Tom, who is the Master Distiller of Tanqueray Gin, has been in the important role since April 2006.

Lesley Townsend - Festival Founder

In New York, the month of May is synonymous with change of weather, blooming flowers, fresh Spring ingredients on menus and for those in the cocktail industry - the Manhattan Cocktail Classic. Sara had a chance to ask Lesley Townsend a few questions about her experience as Founder & Director of one of the most anticipated festivals of the year. Check out what this whirlwind had to say about the MCC, her back story and what she likes to drink on her downtime.

Heidi Merino - Bartender

Heidi Merino, a member of the Liquid Chef team and wife of master mixologist Junior Merino, takes her place not behind but right next to her husband, and often steals the show with her warm personality. With a colorful background starting in Hawaii, Heidi has traveled the world studying culture, art, theater, food and drink.

Tomas Delos Reyes - Bartender

The spirits industry is full of fun and interesting people, and Tomas Delos Reyes is no exception. A self-proclaimed Scorpio, Tomas describes his age as old enough to drink, too young to die.

Francesco Lafranconi - Director of Mixology and Spirits Education

Sara caught up with Francesco Lafranconi, Director of Mixology & Spirits Education for Southern Wine and Spirits, when he was in New York for the Spirit of Italy. The Spirit of Italy was held at the end of January and focused on promoting select spirits from Italy.

Raphael Reyes - Bartender

Raphael Reyes lives his life by one saying: Find a job you love and you will never have to work again. A bartender for 7 years, he has held every position in the hospitality business from fine dining to lounges, clubs, sommelier, teaching, managing and is currently in his favorite niche: creating cocktails at 1534 in New York City.

Selena Ricks - PR, Cocktail Blogger, Editor

Fabulous people are teaching us everyday that you don't necessarily have to be a bartender to find a place at the bar. Selena Ricks, aka The Dizzy Fizz, is making a real name for herself with all the innovative ideas she has for today's ever-changing cocktail culture.

Dan Tullio - Godfather of Whisky

Does it seem like whisky is everywhere these days? Maybe it has something to do with Dan Tullio, the Director of Canadian Club.  Dan started with Canadian Club family brands almost 30 years ago and currently represents them as the key point of contact in markets across the US, Canada and the Far East.

Scott Goldman - Importer

Scott Goldman wasn't always into spirits. In fact, before he stumbled along Combier, Scott was a kid with a dream of playing ice hockey.  The rich history of Combier made it extremely attractive to Scott and has become his favorite part of working with the brand.

Sean Gantner - Sommelier

When most people think of Long Island, high real estate, proximity to New York, money and beaches come to mind. But when it comes to restaurants on Long Island the Mill Pond House in Centerport is full of accolades.  The Mill Pond also boasts one of the best sommeliers around, Mr. Sean Gantner.

Kelley Slagle - Bartender

Kelley Slagle, the mixologist at Terroir, creates her cocktails with wine and beer only, a far cry from your everyday bartender.  She looks perfectly at home at Tribeca Terroir in Manhattan, and even as the Tuesday night after work crowd rolls in around her, she is dreaming up new and defying cocktails.

Angus Winchester - Bartender

When you have a cocktail named after you, you know that you've made an impact on the scene. And when you have multiple cocktails with your name at some of the world's top bars by some of the world's top bartenders? Then you'd be Angus Winchester.

Lauren Mote - Mixologist

In this day and age, many people are thinking more eco-friendly and looking towards ways to preserve the planet. This goes for those behind the bar as well! Lauren Mote, GM and mixologist at the Refinery in Vancouver, is making sure to keep green at her establishment.

Brent Lamberti - Bartender

New York City is home to some of the country's most amazing bartenders. You can spot them in establishments from the depths of Brooklyn to Long Island City to Harlem, just waiting to create a fabulous drink for you. One of those amazing bartenders you must visit is Brent Lamberti, who wears many hats in the New York area.

Shawn Soole - Bartender

Victoria, BC is located on Vancouver Island and is not know to be a hot spot for great bartenders.  Sara brings us up to date on Shawn Soole, an Australian trying to change that image in the province's capital.  Straight from Clive's in the Chateau Victoria comes a bar that is changing the game in the city.

Daniel de Oliveira - Bartender

Sara catches up with Daniel de Oliveira, a bartender from Chicago who works at Mercadito, Crimson Lounge and his own consulting company, High Proof Chicago.

Lance Mayhew - Bartender

Sara explores Portland and discovers Lance Mayhew, a bartender at some of the hottest stops in town.  How do you find yourself out of the kitchen and behind the bar anyway?

Ryan Scott - Executive Chef

Sara Gorelick continues her journey out West with Ryan Scott, a Chef who appreciates the use of alcohol in cooking.  There are more uses for alcohol than just drinking you know...

Neyah White - Bartender

Sara Gorelick heads out West for her latest interview with Bartender Neyah White.  Hailed as one of the best restaurants in San Fransisco, Nopa is blessed with having one of the best bartenders in California.

Charlotte Voisey - Brand Champion

Sara Gorelick gets closer to Hendrick's Gin Brand Champion - Charlotte Voisey.  Charlotte is an incredible ambassador for Hendrick's and the cocktail culture in general.

Bobby G Gleason - Master Mixologist

Sara Gorelick gets closer to Beam's Master Mixologist, Bobby Gleason.  Bobby G takes us on a ride from his past to what he is passionate about today.

Chantal Tseng - Mixologist

Sara Gorelick heads out on the town and visits with Chantal Tseng for a one on one interview about Chantal, the Tabard Inn and a little history.