Game Type: Television-movie - S


This game has nothing to do with the re-release of Star Wars, yet it is fairly old. You need whatever kind of beer you like, a lot of it. The more people the better.

All you need to do is drink whenever you see or hear certain things.

  • 1. A hero in black
  • 2. A villian in white
  • 3. A stormtrooper
  • 4. A lightsaber
  • 5. A Jedi
  • 6. The death of a Jedi
  • 7. A dead Jedi
  • 8. One of the main songs playing
  • 9. A ship in "hyperspace"
  • 10. Blaster fire

These are just examples, make up your own rules. The point is just to have a good time.


Bob ' The Man "