Super Bowl / Super Drunk

Game Type: Television-movie - S


  • Alcohol
  • T.V. (cable helps, satellite preferred)


My friends and I got really trashed on this one during the Super Bowl, but it could be used for any football game. Divide number of people up evenly into two teams, each teams is assigned a football team to drink for.

  • Play for over 10 yards penalties too= 1 drink for that team
  • Zebras ( Refs talk)= 1 drink for all
  • Stupid comment by anouncers = 1 drink all
  • Using white marker on screen during replay = 1 drink all
  • Coaches challenge = 3 drinks each to losing team
  • After the end of each quarter, teams drink the other teams score. (eg 10-3 losing team drinks 10 winning drinks 3)
  • Drink for each score by the team that scores.
  • After the game every one drinks the total difference in the game.


Anthony Ryan