Boat Races (Real)

Game Type: Endurance - B


  • 10 oz plastic cups
  • lots of ants
  • Table or counter to stand at


Teams of 4-6 people compete head to head. Everyone fills their glasses 1/2 to 3/4 of the way up (teams determine before hand). The cups are in front of you as you stand at a counter accross from the other team. A person who is not involved says go. At this time, the first person chugs his/her beer. He then places the cup on the edge of the counter with enough of the bottom of the cup exposed to hit, but still stay on the edge. You then flick it up with your index finger so it flips forward and lands upside-down on the counter. The next person can not start drinking until the person before gets his cup upside-down. (must stay upside-down, if it falls over or doesn't land upside-down then the process must be retried until it does). This process is repeated until the last person is finished. Which ever team has all of its members finish first wins the round.