Boat Races #1

Game Type: Endurance - B


  • And more Beer
  • Beer


This is a game for anyone who rows, or likes to get hammered. You get a group of people who actually know how to have fun (how many of us are there left?) and you pair of at random, preferably with someone who is about you size so it is fair. Then you get small glasses, something like a half-pint glass, fill it with beer, and the two people go head to head and chug. Who ever finishes first goes on to the next round and faces off against another winner, the loser is eliminated. Keep doing this until someone comes out on top as the ultimate winner. Everyone who took part and lost chips in and buys the winner a case (or half-case, you cheap bastards) the next time there is a party. In the end there is really no loser.


Corey Stamp