When you think of drinking games, the first thing that probably comes to mind is a bunch of college students getting lit while playing beer pong in the basement of a frat house. While that may be true, drinking games aren.t just for college students looking for a quick buzz.

Many people who enjoy a drink or two like to do so while engaging in a drinking game. The games can be seen played by legal drinkers of all ages in various places ranging from homes to bars to parties. Some want to use the game to get their buzz on faster, while others want to trounce their competition in a friendly, and sometimes not so friendly, battle royal.

Believe it or not, drinking games have been around for quite some time. And we don't just mean since your parents were younger--we mean for centuries. They have actually been around since the times of ancient China, when players would use riddles or dice to determine who would drink.

Drinking games were also known to have been played in ancient Greece. Another early reference of drinking games comes from "The Drinking Party", Plato's Symposium in which he described a game involving passing around a bowl of wine.

The best part about drinking games is that you can follow the rules or make them up as you go, and the props you use can depend on what you have on hand.

Now, get playing by choosing from the categories below:

Games that you play with cards…duh!
Games you may be familiar with. However, add alcohol and the rules may have changed just a little….
Flip a coin. Easy when you're sober. These games take your silver to a whole different level.
Roll the dice, pour the booze. Prepare to play on the loaded dice.
A marathon of normal variety won't be found here. Games that include alcohol and endurance probably don't end well…
Lucky, not just another brand of beer. Good luck playing these games while drinking.
Like the random bottles found at the back of your liquor cabinet. These games may not have specific categories but that doesn't stop them from being fun.
Yeah, skill games, when you're tipsy. Right!
Drinking fast while drinking equals bad things. These games involve speed and alcohol. Just make sure you're not driving.
Things get a little blurry at the end of the night. If actually watching and understanding the movie or show is important, then don't play these.
Some songs are best left in the shower. Vocal games when drinking can bring out a bunch of suprises. Don't have mouble with your trouth. I find balking tackwards is best!