The CocktAlien

The CocktAlien, aka Alex, is a Southern California native. Born in Orange County, raised in northern LA county, Alex began his love of alcohol with a tremendous amount of help from The Raven, J.T. Centonze. He's no bartender, or even a mixologist. He is simply a lover of food and drink, and particularly the combination of the two. With the help of Bar None, the CocktAlien is able to share his exploration of flavors and combinations with his faithful readers. Thanks for reading.

Card Games - The CocktAlien - June 2010

But this month I am back, and I have 2 different games to tell you about this month. So instead of beating around the bush, I will jump right into it. So here we go with a visit to and

Jedi Mind Trick - The CocktAlien - April 2010

My favorite movie has, and always will be, The Empire Strikes Back.  This month, I had a cocktail that outshines any game I have played in the recent past and matches my favorite Star Wars movie. This drink is called the Jedi Mind Trick.

Irish Drinking Game Tips - The CocktAlien - March 2010

Unfortunately I don't have any new games for you this month. Instead, I bring to you a few twists to make some classic games a bit more Irish.  Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday that celebrates the life and contribution of Saint Patrick. The Irish have celebrated this holiday for over a thousand years.  Like a lot of major cultural holidays, as Americans, we use it as a great excuse to have a party.

Power Hour - The CocktAlien - February 2010

60 shots. How does that sound? I will take it one step further. How about 60 shots, in 1 hour? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? What if I said, 100 shots, in 100 minutes? Or 200 shots, in 200 minutes?

Drink Master Says - The CocktAlien - January 2010

I have always had a problem with bulky games. With beer-pong, it's moving around a table and gathering up enough cups. And god forbid you lose the balls. Then there's board games that have tokens, and dice, and spinners, and who knows how many other pieces. You may not know this about me, but I am a simple man. This last month I was graced with a game so simple, it brought a tear to my eye. 36 cards, and a rule sheet is the extent of the game Drink Master Says. The game-play is almost as simple as the set up.

Pukes and Staggers - The CocktAlien - December 2009

With the help of I am able to bring to you a new game titled Pukes & Staggers. Brad, from HappyBeerGames, was kind enough to send me a copy of, what he is calling, their flagship game. Pukes and Staggers is a simple board game intended for 4-12 players.

Halloween Wrap Up - The CocktAlien - November 2009

I was thinking back to months past, particularly last Halloween season. In the exploration of my past adventures, two drinks came to mind.

Battle Sip - The CocktAlien - October 2009

Halloween also provides me with an opportunity to speak to you about a topic that I have been saving for quite some time: Drinking Games. Halloween is the perfect time to mix up the means in which you imbibe. I like a particular variation of Beer Pong, called Battle-Sip...