Drink Master Says

Hello again friends. We just left December, always a tough month for people. December means in-laws, shopping, cards and rushes for the latest and the greatest. But that's all over now. It's January. Welcome to a new year. A year of new resolutions, new goals, and new booze. The last month has been good to me my friends. There were some speed bumps, but all-in-all, a good 31 days since we last spoke.

This writer celebrated a birthday this last month, and you all know what that means...booze. I have a lot of good friends that I love dearly. They all, knowing that Bar None is a part of my life, did their best to contribute to my material, and transversely to your entertainment. So with out further ado, I bring to you this month a new game. This one is called, "Drink Master Says."

I have always had a problem with bulky games. With beer-pong, it's moving around a table and gathering up enough cups. And god forbid you lose the balls. Then there's board games that have tokens, and dice, and spinners, and who knows how many other pieces. You may not know this about me, but I am a simple man. This last month I was graced with a game so simple, it brought a tear to my eye. 36 cards, and a rule sheet is the extent of the game "Drink Master Says." The game-play is almost as simple as the set up.

Drink Master Says is a simple card game, with only a few rules. The game starts by passing 4 cards out to every player. You then designate the person who is the "Drink Master" for the round. Think of him as the dealer in a house game of poker, he enforces, but plays too. Play will start to the left of the Drink Master. That person can play any card in his/her hand. There are two types of cards: Rule cards, and Challenge cards. If the first person plays a Rule card, the next card played must be a challenge card. If the player doesn't have the appropriate type of card, his/her turn is skipped.

The cards are very simple. On the Rule Cards, a rule is established. For example, "Maintain contact with the person to your right." In the corner of the card is a number, if you break that rule, you take as many drinks as displayed on the card. The rule on the card must be followed by everyone until the next rule card is played. Also, the bottom of every rule card has a consequence for play. The person who plays that card must follow the extra rule at the bottom of the card. For example, "Trade 1 card with any player."

Next are the challenge cards. Challenge cards may apply to one or all players. The challenge printed on the card is executed, and the victor doesn't have to drink. An example of these cards is, "Briefs Challenge. The person with the most unique underwear doesn't have to drink."

Play continues until one player runs our of cards and becomes the new Drink Master. Everyone then adds up the drinks on the cards in their hand, drinks them, puts their cards in the right hand of the new Drink Master, and says, "You are the master, now deal @$#%." The new drink master then shuffles and deals the next game. The rules also state that you become the ultimate Drink Master one you have been anointed 726 times.

The game took a few turns to start to flow, but is brilliant in its simplicity. I highly recommend going our and buying it to try with your friends. It is one that doesn't take a lot of set up, nor is it one that is particularly time consuming.

Well friends, that's all the time I have this month. I wish you all the best in this upcoming year. Stick to those resolutions. Look to the future. And as always, Play Responsibly.