Pukes and Staggers

Hello again friends, and welcome to December. We have survived Thanksgiving (everyone cheers). Just keep in mind, all of those in-laws you just sent on their way, are coming back in less than a month. However, we are coming up on the most wonderful time of year. A time that is full of joy and cheer, both from good company, and a good bottle. The last month has been good to me friends. So I'd like to share it with you.

With the help of HappyBeerGames.com I am able to bring to you a new game titled "Pukes & Staggers." Brad, from HappyBeerGames, was kind enough to send me a copy of, what he is calling, their "flagship" game. Pukes and Staggers is a simple board game intended for 4-12 players. The rules are simple and if you have ever played the children's game, "Chutes and Ladders", you will be familiar with the concept:

Basic Play: Each player takes turn rolling the die, moving their piece, and performing the action on the space they land on. Highest roll goes first. Play moves clockwise after that. On the game board, similar to Chutes and Ladders, are Stagger spaces, which allow you to move forward on the board. The Puke spaces force you to move backwards, and usually have a penalty involved. First person to make it to bed (the last space), wins.

Spaces: Each space has a resulting consequence. These vary quite a bit in their intensity. They range from 1 drink (1 oz. of beer) – 12 drinks (the full beer). The game can also be played with mixed drinks. The finer points may be sorted out by the players. Regardless, you will be drinking, a lot. A few on my favorite spaces on the board are "Panty Raid" where the player must remove his/her underpants, and wear them on his/her head for the remainder of the game. This was the space I landed on during the game that we played. My other favorite space was the "Beer Bitch" space. The player who lands on the "Beer Bitch" space has the job of making sure every other player is never without a drink for the remainder of the game, or until someone else lands on that space, and becomes the Beer bitch themselves. I don't want to reveal too much, so go out and play for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

I was blessed with this game just in time for Thanksgiving. I was able to get in touch with my good friend The Raven and arrange a game with him and a few of our other friends. After a day of Black Friday shopping, we sat around with various drinks to play this game. In the course of the game, drinks get mixed together, ridiculous tasks are performed, and hilarity ensues.   I will tell you that this writer won the maiden voyage of Pukes & Staggers.

To wrap up, a few finer points need to be made. First of all I want to say thank you to Brad and all of his associates at HappyBeerGames. I would like to suggest to any and all of you that plan to play this game, the more players the better. It will give you a little more time each round to take care of the drink, or drinks as it were, that you must finish. 

Lastly, if this short piece sparked your interest, the game can be purchased via HappyBeerGames.com. Keep a look out for them. They're going to be huge.

Thank you again to Brad, and to all of you loyal readers out there. Until next time, Play Responsibly.