Hello again friends, and happy Halloween. This month has been a busy one for yours truly. Starting school again, and work has been crazy, but I didn't forget about our loyal readers.

There are few holidays throughout the year that warrant imbibing quite as much as Halloween. Like I said in my article last month, it's a time to get together with friends, and pretend to be someone you're not. Whether you're parading as a witch, a ghost, a mobster, or Frankenstein's monster, this holiday is a great one for booze, or boo's as it were.

I'll be honest friends, in the month since we last spoke, I have had very little to drink. So little in fact, I really had a tough time thinking of something to write about. I thought back to months past, particularly last Halloween season. In the exploration of my past adventures, two drinks came to mind.

First, a coffee drink I had last month during a little cold spell we had here in Southern California. This wasn't just Irish coffee, however, this coffee had a different twist. A STRONG pot of coffee was brewed. Instead of a little sugar, which is how I generally drink my coffee, we added some new ingredients. Coming into the holiday season, we added some Baileys Irish cream, and some pumpkin spice liqueur. I then topped the coffee with some whipped cream, a little cocoa powder, and a cinnamon stick to stir. If you are having a quiet night next to the fireplace, this coffee will compliment the situation. The addition of the pumpkin spice really kicked off the holiday cheer.

The second drink takes us back to last Halloween. One of my good friends came to the party with a bottle, very fitting of the spirit, called Zombie. Made by Bacardi, Zombie is a neon blue tropical fruit flavored drink with a 151 base. With only about 12% alcohol, Zombie can be enjoyed on its own, as a mixer, or can have some more rum added (this writer's personal favorite). It'll have you walking around begging for brains, or at least more Zombie, all night.

These two drinks are just a few of the many that remind this writer of the Halloween season. There certainly is an endless list of delicious drinks to be enjoyed at this time of year. I would like to leave you all with a wish of good luck, and good cheer. I hope your Halloween was as good as mine. So until next time friends, keep a drink in your hands, and look to the sky, at that beautiful harvest moon.