60 shots. How does that sound? I will take it one step further. How about 60 shots, in 1 hour? Sounds ridiculous doesn't it? What if I said, 100 shots, in 100 minutes? Or 200 shots, in 200 minutes? That is what this month's game from PowerHourGames.com is suggesting. This game, called "The Power hour DVD: The Beer Man Says..." is what I bring to you in February.

Hello again friends, and welcome back to the BarNoneDrinks Newsletter. As a lot of you already know, I am the CocktAlien, and this is my monthly piece on drinking games. This month, I bestow upon you, a twist on a game that a lot of us have heard of, and maybe played in the past: The Power Hour. The concept is simple. In the power hour, you take 1 shot of your favorite beer every minute, for an hour. You are welcome to quit at any time. However, you will probably be ridiculed mercilessly by all of your friends. My friends at Power Hour LLC were kind enough to send me a copy of their DVD game to try out for you, my readers.

Much to my surprise, there is far more to this DVD than a clock that counts off the minutes for you. When you pop in the DVD, you are taken to a menu that allows you to pick your poison, so to speak. There are 3 options. 1. Power Hour: 60 min. 2. Century Club: 100 min. 3. Sick and Twisted: 200 crazy min. From here, the game truly begins. When you start up the game, you and all of your friends hang out and respond to what happens on the screen. Yes, there is a timer, but oh so much more.

Every minute that passes, there is a new "Beer Man Says..." challenge. These challenges provide you additional opportunities to drink, or pass a drink to a friend. A few examples of these challenges include: "The first person to bite two people give two drinks away." And, "If you're horny, take another drink." There are also challenges that affect the rest of the game. For example, "Drink with your non-dominant hand for the rest of the game. If you are caught cheating, take another drink."

This game is a blast to play with a big group of friends. The added suspense of the challenges and rule changes makes for a solid hour to three hours of fun. My only disclaimer friends, is that you are playing a game that requires you drink at LEAST 5 beers in ONE hour. So be careful, and know when to stop. That being said, this game was a ton of fun, and I can't wait to play it again.

This game, along with various other products, can be found at PowerHourGames.com, and you can become their friends on Facebook too. A special thanks again to Steve from Power Hour LLC for sending this game to me, providing me, some friends, and my readers with a good dose of fun, and a powerful hangover the next day.

As always my faithful readers, thank you. We will speak again, and sooner this time, February is a short month. Keep a drink in your hand, look to the stars, and Play Responsibly.