Irish Drinking Game Tips

Hello again friends, and welcome to March. We're coming up on spring pretty fast. That means new life, new goals, and new drinks. In the spirit of Saint Patrick's Day, I bring to you a few bits of fun to enjoy this holiday.

Saint Patrick's Day is an Irish holiday that celebrates the life and contribution of Saint Patrick. The Irish have celebrated this holiday for over a thousand years. The celebration falls during the Christian holiday of Lent. However, in true Irish style, the limitations that you put on yourself for Lent, do not apply for this one day. For this writer, that is all the excuse I need. Traditionally the day is celebrated with a tip to church in the morning, and a huge party in the afternoon. Like a lot of major cultural holidays, as Americans, we use it as a great excuse to have a party.

Unfortunately I don't have any new games for you this month. Instead, I bring to you a few twists to make some classic games a bit more Irish. First, we'll talk about beer pong. It is a wonderful tradition to take your favorite beer, and turn it green. It's pretty simply really. Take your favorite beer, probably better to use a lighter one, and add about 6-7 drops of green food coloring. Make sure to stir it slowly so it doesn't foam up. If you don't use enough, your beer is going to have a yellowish-green hue that isn't exactly appealing. As a side note, trying to use a beer like Guinness, though possible, would probably turn you tongue, teeth, and insides green before the beer. If you are in the mood for a beer, and want to get yourself in the spirit, pick up some food coloring. You can use this beer to play any of your favorite games with it.

Another drink in the sprit of the day, one of my favorite layered shots, is the "Irish Flag." Start with green cream de menthe, Baileys, and Brandy. Using the back of a spoon to layer these ingredients in a shot glass. With the colors of the Irish flag displayed vividly, everybody is a little bit Irish with this shot in their hand.

Last but not least, the quintessential Irish drink to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day: The Irish Car Bomb. The name of this drink comes from the struggle that the Irish Republican Army faced in the early 1900's to get the British influence out of Ireland. The IRA fought with a gorilla warfare style, that gave this drink its name. This drink is made with Guinness, Bailey's, and Irish whiskey. Take about 10-12oz of Guinness, and in it, drop a shot glass filled with ½ Baileys, and ½ Whiskey, then drink. Drink, and drink fast.

So there you have it folks. Three drinks to catapult your party into the Irish spirit. Another idea, you could go out to your backyard and pick some shamrocks to garnish your drinks. Use these drinks to play some of your favorite games: like beer pong, quarters, or any other game that tickles your fancy. So until next time, my faithful readers, keep a drink in your hand, and play responsibly.