Raising the Bar

Pamela Irving of Living Communications has a passion for all things culinary. Beverages are the latest curve on a global trend towards local, seasonal, artisanal, handcrafted and organic ingredients and products. Read all about this specialty in her monthly column 'Raising the Bar'.

Pamela is the marketing consultant for CTV Chef CJ Katz's Savour Life Magazine about all things food and beverages in Saskatchewan. To catch up with Irving on her travels, locally, globally and her backyard read sample clips at travelwriters.com.

Pamela Irving is also The Spirit World' columnist for Savour Life Magazine.

Living Communications provides boutique media and PR relations and can be reached at: livingcomms@telus.net

Libations for Celebrations - Raising the Bar - December 2010

With the economy at a standstill, your spirits 'portfolio' need not be. Invest in the best spirits without breaking the bank by concentrating on a few high quality classic liquors and specialties to stock your cabinet this season. And remember: serve less, savour more.

White Owl Whisky - Raising the Bar - July 2010

Canada is renowned for producing the highest quality rye whisky in the world. The grainy aroma and taste and amber colour are hallmarks at the best tasting and beverage rooms.  White Owl Whisky , like the snowy owl on the bottle, flies in the face of tradition. It's as clear as vodka.

Unimagineable Pleasure - Raising the Bar - June 2010

Xante. The word itself implies X-rated pleasure. Xante is luscious like the French cognacs it is made from. The sweet summery scent of infused Belgian ripe pears. The velvety play on the tongue. The warmth like a kiss of sun. The perfect summer drink.

Dress the Drink - Raising the Bar - May 2010

If your idea of garnishing a cocktail is a sprig of mint or a slice of lime, look again.  Dress the Drink adds exquisite edible beauty to your cocktail menu - from sweet flowers grown with organic principles to genuine 24 carat gold dust, the collection is unbelievable. Women adore it, but guys like it too.

Victoria: a spirit, a destination - Raising the Bar - April 2010

If you liked sodas when you were a kid, you might just guess the secret ingredient in Victoria gin.  Do not be fooled however. Victoria gin is a sophisticated spirit and one that I discovered while travelling to Victoria and staying at the Chateau Victoria.  The home of Clive's Lounge, the Chateau truly offers a unique experience for those of us that enjoy good times and better drinks.

Drink Me I'm Irish - Raising the Bar - March 2010

Sipping the Connemara Peated Single Malt, I was transported back to one of my first dates with a handsome Scotsman.  Sixteen years later, that Scotsman, now my husband, has a tear in his eye for a different reason. The exquisite joy of discovering truly excellent Irish whiskey.

The Sweetheart story of Schramm Vodka - Raising the Bar - February 2010

If you close your eyes and take a sip of Schramm Vodka you may taste a hint of smokiness with the lingering tang reminiscent of a Scottish malt whisky. If this is vodka, just what gives it that malt flavour?

Soar with the spirit bird - Raising the Bar - January 2010

Pamela Irving explores ultra premium tequila and learns more about Partida.  Created by Gringo Gary Shansby, this tequila has rated at the top of the scale, wherever it is tasted.

Square One Vodka - Raising the Bar - December 2009

Pamela Irving sits down one on one with Allison Evanow, Founder and CEO of Square One Organic Vodka.  Enjoy an enlightening read on how and why it all began to where Square One is heading in the future.  You may even find a couple of great cocktails as well...

Farm Fresh Cocktails - Raising the Bar - November 2009

Farm fresh ingredients for cocktails raise the bar of consumer expectation and markets for growers.