What is a drink? Well, it is pretty much any type of liquid that a person can consume. Unfortunately, that.s a pretty vague description that covers a lot, and we mean A LOT, of beverages. But, since you.re here, you probably want to know more about alcoholic beverages, and even some tasty non-alcoholic versions of your favorite recipes. Lucky for you, we.re here to help by categorizing them all in one place.

Alcoholic beverages are usually classified as those that contain alcohol, or ethanol as some like to say. This can mean any drink ranging from beer to wine to liquor to mixed drinks.

Non-alcoholic drinks are made using recipes that would usually call for at least one alcohol-based ingredient, such as wine or beer, but have that ingredient substituted with one that that has either no alcohol in it at all or contains a maximum of .5 percent by volume. Here is where you.ll find virgin version of your favorite drinks, such as daiquiris and margaritas, as well as non-alcoholic beers, etc.

Now that you know these two types, there are so many more categories to choose from. Those wanting to beat the heat may enjoy a frozen drink, while chillier weather may call for a hot drink. Anyone looking for a good kick might enjoy cocktail or a martini. And a party just isn.t a party without Jello shots, shooters, or a crowd-friendly punch.

Want to know more? Then check out the categories below:

What most people think of as a drink. Includes highballs, martinis and the like.
Hot Drinks
Generally mixed with coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Good for those winter nights.
Jello Shots
Not just a kids dessert anymore. Take your classic jello powder and away you go.
From the classic shaken not stirred, to the modern flavoured, these martinis look great in the classic glass.
For the smarter ones. Concoctions that taste great while not leaving you regretting the night before.
Any drink that will not fit in a standard glass. Includes everything from classic wedding punches to absurd college party mixes.
Served in small (1 to 2 oz.) glasses, these tasty (and sometimes not) tidbits are designed to get you drunk fast.