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Jello Shots

Wiggly jiggly shooters for grown up kids. That great treat you enjoyed as a kid can now taste oh so good with a little of your favourite alcohol added. Get creative, explore the wide variety of colours and tastes you can put together.

Jello shots arenít just fun ways to have a drink and a snack while at parties, sporting events, etc. And, they arenít an idea created by a college student. In fact, Jello shots have actually been around for quite some time.

Also known in the United Kingdom as the interesting vodka jelly, and everywhere else as a gelatin shot, Jello shots are often considered to be party beverages/food.

Although the Jello shotsí origin has not actually been substantiated, it is believed that a man by the name of Tom Lehrer created the alcoholic treat during the 1950s. A mathematician and satirist, Lehrer has been said to have created the Jello shot while he worked for the NSA, or National Security Agency. Alcohol was restricted on the base, so it is said that Lehrer created the drink as a way to get around the restriction.

Jello shots are made using gelatin, as well as the creatorís favorite liquor, such as vodka, rum, grain alcohol, and tequila instead of the water that the recipe usually calls for. Any flavor of gelatin can be used, as can any combination of flavor and alcohol. By volume, many of the shots contain around 30 percent of alcohol. This means that for each 3 ounce package of gelatin powder that is used, around 19 or 20 oz of alcohol is added.

When a Jello shot is ready to be distributed, a small paper or plastic cup is often used to hold the mixture, as well as serve it.

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Example Jello Shots

Electric Watermelon #2
JELLO, Vodka, Water
JELLO Shots - Malibu Blue
JELLO, Malibu Rum
JELLO Shots - Purple Hooters
Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, JELLO, Triple Sec, Vodka
JELLO Shots - Screwdrivers
JELLO, Triple Sec, Vodka
Midori Slime Ball
JELLO, Midori, Vodka, Water