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They say the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Well, drinking the recipes found here may just be the quickest way to see a man's stomach. These are designed for quick ingestion from those nasty little shooter glasses. Take care consuming too many drinks this way!

A shooter, which is also referred to as a shot, is a small drink that is usually between one and four ounces. The diminutive beverage is designed to allow the drinker swiftly consume it. This type of drink is often associated with a celebration of some sort, a bet, a drinking game, etc.

Shooters may contain just one alcohol, or can be created using a combination of several alcohols, much like a cocktail. When serving a shooter, it is most often poured in a sherry glass or a shot glass. This type of drink can be stirred, shaken, layered, poured, or blended prior to serving.

As with mixed drinks, you will find that some shooters are universally known. However, bartenders may enjoy creating a signature one that can only be found at his or her bar.

What a bartender uses to create a shooter may vary based on his or her personal preference, as well as the region in which he or she is located. This means that a shooter of a certain name found in one bar may be offered under the same name at another bar, but offers a totally different taste. It isnít only the ingredients that can change the taste of a shooter, its flavor can also be changed by the way in which it has been prepared.

While some shooters may have names that are similar to that of a particular cocktail, many have vulgar names that entice bar patrons, as well as names associated with brands, pop culture, people, etc.

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Example Shooters

Ass Burner
Goldschlager, Wild Turkey 80 Proof Bourbon
Irish Cream, Light Rum
Crown Hooter
Chambord Raspberry Liqueur, Crown Royal, Sprite, Sweet and Sour Mix
Dragon Piss #2
Mountain Dew, Vodka
Jamaica Mistaka
Bacardi 151 Black Bat Rum, Myer's Rum