Building your own Bar

You're finally going to do it... build your own home bar. Maybe you just bought a new house or landed a sweet new apartment and that space off in a corner or a portion of the basement is just screaming "BAR!!!" Build it and they will come and drink. Your Home Bar will be a source of enjoyment for you, your family and friends for years to come. Think of the many drinks you can mix; the cocktails, shooters and hot coffees for those wild nights. We've put together a little guide to get you started and help you through the process of building your drink temple. Before just diving into a project like this, we have outlined some things you may want to consider. And some questions you should ask yourself.

Building your bar, initial questions: Before you put pen to paper, credit card to supplies and hammer to nail, you have to think about what you want. Is it an elegant lounge, or a seedy establishment? What theme, shelves, styles and accessories do you want. Read more here about what you need to know.

Layout and Design: Before you start, draft your plan. Check out some local pubs and see what you like. Ok, don't drink too much you still need to draw out your own diagrams. This is the place to start on your road to glory!

Building a custom Home Bar:Ok, seen a bunch of home renovation shows on TV? Think your carpentry skills are up to the task? Click here to find out what you need to know about building a bar, from scratch. Who needs a box with a bunch of pieces and instructions anyway?

Foot rails and arm rests: After a busy day, pull up to the bar and set your feet down on a nice foot rest. Or, hang around the pool table and lean against that fancy arm rest. What style do you need? Find out more here.

Bar Stool and Seating: What type of seating should you have? A plain bar stool? One with a back? Perhaps even a fancy stool with a logo. Check out your options here.

Draft Beer and Wine on tap: Now that you've got the bar built, you need someplace to keep everything cool. How about a custom refrigerator with all the plumbing to serve like the pros. Soon you'll be charging your friends and family and paying back your worthwhile investment.

Bar Accessories: Everything you need to know about what alcohol to buy, the mixers that you need and what type of accessories will liven your bar up.