Once you have your Home Bar constructed you will need a place for people to sit. Time for some Bar Stools. There are many varieties and Sizes of Bar Stools and they range in cost for very reasonable to quite expensive. You will first need to determine if you want Wood Bar Stools or Metal Barstools. If your bar is the standard 42" you will most likely want 30" bar stools.

Wood Bar Stools:

 If you are going for a traditional style Pub look you should consider wood bar stools. They are generally a little more expensive but you can customize them by choosing your wood, stain and even the pattern for the cushion. If you decide to customize them to match the bar expect anywhere between a 4-8 week lead-time as they will be built to your exact specifications.

Designer Metal Bar Stools:

If your home bar has more of a contemporary look you may want to use metal bar stools that have more of a sleek look to compliment your bar. As with the wood bar stools there are many different styles and sizes available to you. Most of these designer style stools are generally made to order (unless you grab the el Cheapo's) and also have a lead-time of 4-8 weeks, maybe even a little longer.

Standard Metal Pub Stools:

These are the bar stools that you have seen EVERYWHERE, and for good reason. They are reasonably priced and they last for quite a long time. You can generally pick from many styles: backless, stools with half backs, stools with full backs, etc and a variety of colors. Probably the most common is the black barstool with no back. You have probably seen it 100's of times. These types of stools generally have a shorter lead-time.