Zoom Swartz Figliana

Game Type: Vocal - Z


  • Alcohol


This game requires idiots (And the Webmixer would agree with this, I have a hard enough time with speaking when I'm drunk and you throw words like this out.)

Just a little word game...three words and their uses are listed below.

  • Zoom : Point to someone with both hands outward, Say "ZOOM". The zoom is theirs.
  • Swartz : Raise either hand (like waving). Say "SWARTZ". Returns the zoom to the zoomer.
  • Figliana : Same as Swartz, but why not have another. Say "FIGLIANA". Returns the zoom to the zoomer.
  • Someone zooms someone else. That person can zoom a third person, or swartz or figliana the zoomer. If a swartz or figliana, the first person has the zoom and can zoom a third person, or return the swartz or figliana.

    You can not zoom a zoomer. If you are zoomed, you must respond within a couple seconds.

    Time is relative to buzz quotient so use best judgment. If you don't respond, if you zoom a zoomer, or if you screw up, pass out, etc. you drink and it starts over. It can get going fast and head fakes are the key. There is no point, but at MSU it wasted countless freshmen. Including me.


    Michael Dodge : MSU grad. :-)