Game Type: Vocal - W


Person A passes the item to person B, and the following dialogue occurs *exactly* as printed.

A: This is the Witch
B: The what ?
A: The Witch.
B: Ahh, the Witch.

Then person B passes it on to person C, following the same dialogue, except at point {1} person turns to person A and asks 'The what?' and person A replies 'The Witch', then person B turns back to person C continues the dialogue. This goes on, at point {1} in the dialogue, the person who is handing the item turns to and then asks the person who handed them the item 'The what?' etc. Once person A is asked 'The what?' he replies 'the Witch' and this reply is relayed until it reaches the person being handed the item.

It is very important to turn to face the person you are addressing.

Any mistakes incur a preset penalty, and the game is restarted.

This game is best played with a largish number of people, > 8 is probably recommended.


Andrew Mobbs