Who Sh*T the Better Version

Game Type: Vocal - W


  • 4 or More People


This is just like "Who Sh*t" but more complicated with a higher chance of having to drink and get buzzed. The only change is adding "bullsh*t" as a negative response to create more confusion. Everyone starts out with 'Sh*t' names and then game continues.

As an example we have four people: No Sh*t, Dumb Sh*t, Crazy Sh*t, and Sexy Sh*t.

  • NS: "Somebody sh*t in the corner"
  • Everyone: "Who sh*t?"
  • NS: "Crazy Sh*t"
  • CS: "Bull Sh*t"
  • NS: "Well, then who sh*t?"
  • CS: "Sexy Sh*t"
  • SS: "Bull Sh*t"

The game continues in this manner. Whoever messes up or takes too long to answer has to drink!