Who Shit

Game Type: Vocal - W


  • Beer
  • People


Who Shit is very similar to Thumper. But where Thumper was a game of hand gestures to identify a person, Who Shit has a type of "Shit" to identify a person. Supplies: beer and people.

Prior to the beginning the game, everybody playing decides what type of "Shit" they are going to be. No, not actual feces, but...well, here are some examples: He Shit, Book Shit, Car Shit, Dumb Shit, Coffee Shit, etc. Basically anything can qualify as a type of Shit, including proper names, adjectives, and so on.

One person starts the game by saying, "Who Shit, (another player's) Shit." Then the person who was called responds by saying their own Shit followed by another player's shit. Example:

You have four people playing: Dumb Shit, Captain Shit, Sexy Shit, and Mystery Shit. Dumb Shit begins:

  • DS: "Who Shit, Mystery Shit"
  • MS: "Mystery Shit, Sexy Shit"
  • SS: "Sexy Shit, Mystery Shit"
  • MS: "Mystery Shit, Captain Shit" etc.

This continues until either somebody fails to immediately respond when called, or somebody calls on a non-existent shit. The person who screwed up then takes a drink and starts with "Who Shit."