Warner Brothers And Sisters

Game Type: Television-movie - W


  • Drinks
  • Recording of show "Animaniacs"


Participants assign the events listed below one at a time to other players. Use a number of events which is a multiple of the number of players. Start with the youngest player and work your way up. Each player must end up with the same number of events. Write each person's drinking event on a file card to be placed near them. Everybody is responsible for rule enforcement - this results in a lot of yelling out and making others drink with a cup to your own face. Events are obviously not limited but the following are some good examples:

  • Yakko says "We're the Warner brothers"
  • Wakko eats something
  • Wakko says "I'm hungry"
  • Dot says "And the Warner sister"
  • Dot uses long royal self-introduction
  • Anybody says "Hello nurse"
  • Villain screaming and running away
  • Villain pierced/sliced
  • Villain clubbed
  • Villain burnt/frozen/drowned/poisoned
  • Each explosion/detonation
  • Door slammed in somebody's face
  • Fall from a great height
  • Kids/protagonist gets hit/hurt
  • Kids/protagonist express fear
  • Each hug or kiss
  • Any event of cross dressing
  • Introduction of a mallet/club
  • Any time you see an anvil
  • Character refers to "the script"


Matt Fitzgerald