Warm Beer

Game Type: Misc - W


  • A lighter
  • Drunk Friends
  • One extra can of beer


You have to work things out with your friends first. Let them in on the secret. But don't tell your sucker! Object of the game is to get the face of a person all black . Choose one of your friends to be "the sucker" Tell your sucker that the whole meaning of the game is to not laugh. If they laugh you will have to drink the warm beer. Have your sucker to the right of you as you start the game. Take the can of beer and light the lighter directly underneath it. Waiting for at least 6 seconds. Place the beer down and touch the top of the beer. Now then tell the person to the right you are going to draw a hindu dot on their head (with the same finger you touched the beer with). Each person completes the same task. You do the same thing on the second round but this time you draw a mustache, (or whatever you want, the key is to make sure that their eyes can't see it) on the face of the person to your right. Now that you have built everyone's trust it is time to have fun. As you warm the beer this time, the victim must close their eyes. You warm the beer with the lighter place it down and as they close their eyes you swipe your finger on the bottom side of the can. ( It should be good and black by now). Draw an object on the face of your victim then quickly wipe off you finger before they see any extra blackness on your hand. You keep doing this for as long as you can hold back the laughter or when you just feel bad.


Keith Scott