Wanna Buy A Duck?

Game Type: Vocal - W


  • Drinks


  • 1st person starts off and asks another person, 'Wanna buy a duck?'
  • 2nd person - 'a what?'
  • 1st person - 'A duck'
  • 2nd person - 'Does it quack?'
  • 1st person - 'Of couse it quacks, it's a mother f*cking duck'
  • 2nd person - 'How much?'
  • 1st person - 'For you, five dollars'

At this point, the second person turns to a third person and starts the round over again, but everytime the third person asks the second a question, they must ask the first person, at any time the players can add their own touches, ie. 'Does it f*ck' instead of 'Does it quack', etc.

Any mess-up's require drinking.