Viking Master

Game Type: Skill - V


  • Beer
  • Six or More People


You have everyone sit in a circle. Then someone will start it off and be the "Viking Master".

  • He places his hands on the sides of his head, as if he were a moose, and waves them around.
  • The person to the left of the Viking Master acts as if he or she has a oar in their hands and starts to paddle.
  • The person on the right of the Viking Master does the same thing except is paddling on her right side. Always make sure that you are paddling on the opposite side the Viking Master is on.
  • At anytime the Viking Master can do two things. The first is point at someone else. The person he points to is now the Viking master. He has to raise his hands and do the same thing, while the people on each side of the new Viking Master now have to start paddling.
  • The Viking Master can " Switch it up", which means he can start paddling. If he is paddling to the left of him, the person on the right is now the Viking Master, and the person to the right of the new Viking Master has to now paddle to the right. You go around like that till someone messes up and then they have to drink 5. Then the person who messed up starts off being the Viking Master.
  • If you get a lot of people, you can throw in other things like dolphins on the right and left of the people who are paddling and waves after the dolphins and so on.


Tony Caruso