Up The River, Down The River

Game Type: Card - U


  • A bucket * optional *
  • Deck of cards per 4 players
  • Lots of beer or alcoholic beverage of choice


The bucket is only necessary when playing with that person that should have stopped drinking an hour ago. The dealer deals each player four cards face up. The rest of the cards are dealt face down to the middle of the table in two columns of four rows. To start the game the dealer says (yells) "Up the river". The dealer then flips the first card from the top of the column. Anyone who has that number card in front of them has to drink a two count. The dealer moves down the column and flips the cards. The second row is worth a four count and so on. Once the dealer reaches the bottom of the column they say "Down the river". Going down the river is much the same as up the river, only you start from the bottom of the column and give the drinks away to the other players. If any player has two of the same card in front of them, they have to drink or give double out. It is also completely acceptable to gang up on any one person, especially if they are nursing their drink through out the game.