Up 'n' Down The Railroad

Game Type: Card - U


  • 4 people minimum
  • Beer
  • Deck of cards


Everyone gets into a circle and the cards are dealt to each person, number of cards equalling the number of players. Eg. 4 people = 4 cards, 5 people= 5 cards. Each player looks at their cards. The dealer then deals a card face up from the remainder of the deck. If he draws one of the cards that you have in your hand then you must take a drink. The dealer then draws another card up in the same fashion. Again, if you have that card in your hand you drink. This process continues until the end of the deck. Everytime your card is drawn, you must drink. Believe me, you will get drunk! When the deck is gone, if your not too f*cked up, play again! Remember don't drink and drive! Party hard !!!!!!


Kassandra Kay