Game Type: Skill - T


  • Beer


The person that know's all of the Phrases is the head turtle. Every time you begin the rhymes, you must take a drink. If you mess up you must take a drink. If you want help from the head turtle, you must take a drink.

A round of turtle would go like this:

The head turtle would take a drink, then say the rhyme.

The next person would take a drink and say the rhyme. If that person messes it up, they must take a drink. If they want help from the head turtle, they must take another drink.

The head turtle would then take a drink and repeat the rhyme. Then the person would take another drink and say the rhyme. If that person completes the rhyme perfectly, the game continues with the next person. Turtles moves in rounds, each time adding a new rhyme.

The rhymes are as follows:

  • one red hen, two brown bear, three running hair
  • five fat fickled females sitting sipping scotch
  • six simple simons sitting on a stoop
  • seven sinbad sailors sailing sailing the seven seas on a sloop (note, there was no typo, sailors is repeated twice in this rhyme)
  • eight egotistical egotists echoing egotistical ecstacy.
  • nine nad nebulous nibulons nibbling on nads nuts and nicotine.

YOU MUST SAY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING WORDS EXACTLY FOR THE FINAL RHYME: I have never pucked a fig pucker nor a fig puckers son, but if I had ever pucked a fig pucker, I would f*ck him until I had come. All players must say the rhyme perfectly to become a turtle.

Note to the head turtle: When someone messes up, you don't say anything until the end of their rhyme. You do not tell them where in the rhyme they messed up, you simply say "that is incorrect". This makes it more fun and gets everyone more f*cked up.