Think While You Drink

Game Type: Misc - T


  • Beer and People


This game is easy all you need to do is drink while you think. The basic premise of the game is to name famous people and while your thinking of your famous person you have to be drinking." Easy" I hear you say, BUT it gets harder... The second persons forename must start with the first letter of the last persons surname. For example if the first name is Oprah Winfrey the second could be Walter Matthau and the third would be Mathew Broderick and so on until someone uses a same start letter of the surname and first name like Marylin Monroe. Here, play changes direction (this can lead to heated battles between two players especialy we find on the "m" names) this is also the case for famous people with only one name Cher, Maddona, Sting etc. there is no repeating names. Play continues until someone makes a mistake. This is where the fun starts. It is important when starting this game to elect two people: one as "Master of Tables" and one as "Master of Thumbs". If a mistake is made then the tablemaster and only the tablemaster must issue a drinking fine. No one else around the table can accuse people of doing wrong directly. Propose an accusation to the tablemaster. There is no pointing allowed, pointing is also punishable by drinking. The Master of thumbs is an interesting little side game that can be played along any drinking game. The pre-elected master of thumbs can at any point subtly place his thumb on the edge of the table at which point everybody must follow suit. The last person to place their thumb on the table is issued a drinking fine by the tablemaster and then becomes the master of thumbs.