The Picnic

Game Type: Skill - T


  • Bottle of Tequila or any hard shooter
  • People (the more the better)


We Suggest: Corralego Tequila, Don Julio or Crown Royale The game is controlled by the hosts of the party. You are allowed to have 3 or 4 people know that rules.

Logic: Two people will start the game like this:

  • 1st person (to second): Would you like to come to the picnic?
  • 2nd Person: Yes 1ST Person: What will you bring? 2nd Person: ( this persons name is Bob) I will bring bananas.
  • 1st Person: Ok you can come.

NO shot is taken then 1st person turns to somone else and asks again. Would you like to come to the picnic. When they say yes, ask what they will bring.

Remember this is the key, whatever they say they are going to bring HAS to start with the same letter of their name eg. Tom = Tomatoes, Harry= Hot Sauce etc. When the person responds incorrectly eg. Tom said Chips he is wrong so he has to take a shot. People will start to get annoyed and very buzzed. Start telling a few people at a time what the rule is. Some will get it after a few observations.

Awesome game that will last all night.


Eddie & Teri