The F*ck Game

Game Type: Vocal - T


  • Beer or drink of choice
  • People


Much like the game "Who Shit"....everyone takes a name with the word "f*ck" after it... such as Young F*ck, Dumb F*ck, Titty F*ck, whatever strikes you. You get a hand clapping rhythm going (slap your lap twice and then clap your hands together twice and keep going.) Then someone starts the game to the rhythm of the clapping. If My name were Young F*ck, I would start the game by saying, "Young F*ck, no f*ck better than a Titty F*ck." then whoever Titty F*ck is, would carry on the rhyme while trying to keep the clapping rhythm going. Any mess ups in the rhyme or clapping = chug.