Game Type: Misc - T


  • A co-conspirator
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Gullible friend (s)
  • Some ammount of wits


Tegwar stands for "The Endless Game Without Any Rules", and is best played with people who are already slightly drunk. You and your friend who knows the game say something like, "Hey, we've got this great game to play", and then say that you'll explain the rules as you go along. The goal of the game is to get the people who aren't in on it bombed out of their minds. Generally, it's best if you base the rules for your session of Tegwar off of a game you're already familiar with. A card game, a dice game whatever. You then start in with whatever premise you've come up with, and then 'catch' people breaking rules. Saying a phrase, playing a certain card, looking at you funny, whatever. Impose whatever penalty you see fit. The real trick with this game is to make it belivable to the rest of the crew. This is what your buddy is for. If you take no drinks yourself, you might be accused of making things up (which you are). You and your buddy should call each other on occasion, and perhaps correct each other on rules. It helps if you or your buddy has acting experience. If your friends get really plastered, you win. If they use your own contrived rules against you, or figure out that you're making things up, you lose.


Matthew Garber