Take Your Pick

Game Type: Dice - T


  • 6 Bottles of different shooter spirits
  • 6 shot glasses
  • Barf Bucket
  • One Die
  • Paper and Pen


Write number 1-6 on 6 pieces of paper. Stick each piece of paper next to each bottle (ie. 1 - Vodka, 2 - Tequila, 3 - Rum etc...) Sit in a circle, roll the die, and the person with the highest score begins. The person now throws the dice again. This throw decides which shot the player is going to take (so if he throws 1, he would drink the vodka) and then he rolls again to determine how many shots he needs to drink. So 1, then 6 would be 6 shots of vodka. Simple.. but there is a twist. All of the shots must be drunk within the amount of seconds you are given, which is also dependant on the second throw of the die. Get pissed and enjoy yourself and have that barf bucket on standby!


Adam Pearson