Game Type: Dice - S


  • 2 - 8 different types of alcohol
  • 2 - 8 sided dice
  • Friends to play with you


All you do is get you and your friends to sit in a circle, and who ever goes first rolls one of the dice and that determines what drink will be drunk and they roll the next dice to see how many swigs are taken but its not for them its for the person next to them and it goes on like that in circle.
First dice rolled rules:
If two types of alcohol: if rolled an even number that counts as one of the drinks, and if rolled an odd number its for the other drink.
If three types of alcohol: first three numbers (1-3) used for one type of alcohol, the second three numbers (4-6) for the second type of drink then the last two numbers (7-8) on the dice are used for the strongest drink.
If four types of alcohol: this is easy to figure out two numbers for each drink.
If five types of alcohol are used: you use two numbers for the three less strongest like (1-2) (3-4) (5-6). And the last two numbers (7 & 8) used for the two drinks that are left.
If six types of alcohol are used: each drink gets one number up to six and then the less alcoholic drink gets the number 7 and the most alcoholic drink gets the number 8.
If seven types of alcohol used: each drink gets a number up to seven then roll the dice until a number is rolled that is 1-7 and then that drink gets the other number which is 8.
If eight types of alcohol is used: well this is just the ultimate swiggies game and its easy to know what number is rolled gets what drink because its an eight sided dice and there's 8 different types of alcohol.

ENJOY !!!!!


Jason Nichols