Survivor Cups

Game Type: Speed - S


  • 1 cup per player (solo brand cups work really well)
  • 2 Teams of players
  • Beer


This game is played just like a regular game of Cups (or Flip-Cup), with one important distinction: At the end of a round, the team that lost the round must vote off one member of their team. This is done by simply going down the line with each team member saying their choice for the weakest player on their team. Generally, the player who took the longest to chug or flip their cup is the one who is "voted off." The game then continues, and another player is voted off of whichever team loses each respective round. This continues until one team has 2 players left. At this point, if this team loses a round, the previously voted-off teammates return to vote off one of the 2 remaining players. Then the last survivor singlehandedly takes on the opposing team until the individual loses or he/she defeats the other team.

**NOTE**: After a team loses a player, one of that team's remaining members must drink and flip the voted-off member's cup so the 2 teams are still competing with an equal amount of chug and flip time. However, if, for example, both teams have lost rounds and have each voted an equal number of members off, a cup for each voted-off player can be removed from each team (if so desired). Otherwise, the remaining team members can end up pretty intoxicated-- so depending on what level of drink intake you're looking for, this game can be adjusted. Enjoy!