Game Type: Card - S


  • Ample amounts of drinks on hand
  • Deck of cards or 2


1 drink = 1/2 beer 1 drink =one shot hard stuff Here's how we play it on the East coast of Canada -cards are spread face down on table -clockwise play each person will flip a card -ace allows flipper to make a rule -king flipper says a word the next person must rhyme until someone screws they must drink -queen card flipper says three words next person must repeat thoes words and add three next person must repeat those six words and add three more etc untill someone screws up they drink -jack gives the flipper the thumb power, you can put your thumb anywhere on your body and the last one to do so drinks you lose your power when someone else flips a jack then they take the power -10 flipper must look at anyone playing and ask an outrageous question, eg. why are you sitting here? point to player, should get 2 seconds to ask another question, or make the other person answer you, if so they drink, go until someone is stumped or answered. You cannot ask the asking person a question back directly, you must ask someone else. Imagination is key. -9 through 5 are sociables group drinks -2,3,4 red are take the drinks in amount of card -2,3,4 black are give drinks in amount of card best rules so far: no calling players names and no pointing best question so far: whose turn is it? best rhyming word [orange]