Standing Rules

Game Type: Misc - S


  • Friends you want to mess up


This is playable anywhere and anytime. This is not so much a game but rules that apply at all times to a group of friends who are consuming alcohol.

Here are the rules:

  • No saying of people's names. Make them up, making them derogatory is fun, Bill is now Buthead etc.
  • No pointing
  • No swearing (usually the standard four letter words)
  • No saying the words "Drink" "Drank" or "Drunk" If you work in the name of the drink you are consuming into the conversation, all must enjoy a good gulp. ("So there I was sipping my beer, when all of a sudden…")
  • Each time you mention (whether by name of not) a former girlfriend/boyfriend, this counts as a strike… you get to three, you chug.